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About K.A.N.S.

At KANS I will introduce children between the ages of 3 - 6 to a nature play and art based learning group that facilitates free exploration and investigation through the art of play.  At KANS your child will grow to have a love for and a burning desire to explore and experience art and nature.  Our main goal is to allow children to be independent thinkers and learners bringing awareness to the impact they can have on the world.


Our gentle environment, infused with God's character, will enrich creativity and a love for learning that facilitates free exploration and the desire to investigate. 


Our hands on learning approach encourages and open mind and will help your child gain inner satisfaction exploring endless possibilities. By promoting togetherness, children will uniquely collaborate among each other and the community.

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  • Teacher 
  • S.C.A.R.S Certified
  • First Aid & CPR Certified

I have been working with children for over thirteen years in various child care settings. I'm passionate and caring and love what I do. My work with children brings joy and feels like a hobby.


My dreams & visions of my passion plagued me as much as I enjoyed thinking of them. They became more profound with suggestions of added streams to build my purpose and have it all relate to or focus on "healing". I realized I was to be obedient with this venture and it was more than a hobby thought; when I wanted to give up, ignore, play my gifts down or tried to walk away. A sign would appear. A confirmation claimed my place and reassured me to keep the course no matter how difficult. That I can do this! An old favorite teacher, proud parent, loving student, an old boss, an educator that spoke to my very talents would without fail and always on time center my focus.


It was truly a different experience when people started looking for me with very little advertisement of a program that I created within a job I have. The impact I had on children and their families was eye opening. I was reminded in small ways that I was already walking in my gifts and doing as I should. Not withstanding those that have poured into my life or gave me educational nuggets along the way.


"I keep thinking about how we were all princesses and princes at the castle, I can't stop thinking about that!"

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Kelly introduces children to the great outdoors

Jessie Moniz Hardy

Updated: May 11, 2021 08:01 AM

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Amelia, 4 years old


(referencing her time at a Natural Nature Saturday's exploration at Fort Hamilton)


"Mom, I just kept filling my heart with nature".

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Taya, 6 years old


(referencing her time at Nature Day Camp exploration at Jobsons Cove)



Ages 4 - 7  (1.5 hours)

Nature Play Dates - Tuesdays (Sign up!)


This class takes place in the most exciting classroom: in nature!

Join us for more of the same fun as Saturdays, ensuring to get the best theraputic art experiences. promotimg spiritual and emotional well,- being.

amelia dragonfly.jpeg

Ages 4 - 6  & 7-10(1.5 hours)

Nature's Natural Saturdays (Sign up!)


This class takes place in the most exciting classroom: in nature!

Join us for scavenger hunts, themed exploration, on the spot discoveries that will be sure to inspire and awaken curiosity.

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Ages 3 - 5  (1.5 hours)

Under Revision

Let's use our imagination to discover the inner artist. With the freedom to explore and make a mess, our creativity is revealed in this interactive art class that will focus on creating art using natural materials.

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